Ibeo Automotive Systems is the latest addition to MicroVision

In order to advance car safety, MicroVision will be purchasing assets from Ibeo Automotive Systems GmbH. This move will also hasten Microvision's go-to-market strategy.

James Davis

Accelerating the go-to-market strategy

By providing a genuinely comprehensive lidar and perception software solution, MicroVision's MAVIN lidar hardware and Ibeo's established software will position MicroVision as a top hardware and perception software partner to Automotive OEMs.

The most suitable sensor for OEM roofline deployments is the MAVIN DR dynamic range lidar sensor because it has the smallest form factor, highest resolution point cloud, and lowest latency.

Ibeo's seasoned perception software, which is already in use by OEMs, will be ported into the digital ASIC with compatibility demonstrations available by early Q2 2023.

The qualification processes for Ibeo's perceptive software with OEMs were successful, which has sped up the development of the product.

Bringing in revenue

The MAVIN sensor, Ibeo's current LUX sensor and its first-generation flash lidar, royalties from Ibeo's SCALA sensor, and Ibeo's auto-annotation, validation, and perception software now utilized by OEMs are all expected to generate income through this transaction.


  • It will boost sales of hardware and software goods with estimates of $8 to $15 million in 2023 and anticipated future growth. (This range depends on when and how the transaction was completed)
  • Expand the multi-market approach with an emphasis on the industrial, smart infrastructure, robotics, and commercial vehicle categories while effectively serving MicroVision's current client base, which includes premier German and American automotive Manufacturers

Developing connections inside the industry

The purchase will make it possible for Ibeo to increase its collaboration with ZF Friedrichshafen AG, a reputable Tier 1 OEM partner, to produce MicroVision's lidar sensor.

Since 2020, ZF has been producing lidar systems for Ibeo and delivering them to Great Wall Motor, China's biggest producer of SUVs and pickup trucks.

Both non-automotive clients and automotive manufacturers can purchase sensors from this highly automated production line.

Increasing MicroVision's global impact

Microvision's position as a top provider of lidar hardware and software solutions will be strengthened with the addition of Ibeo's engineering, sales, and marketing skills in Germany and the US.

The united engineering teams in Hamburg, Nuremberg, and Redmond, Washington, will keep creating cutting-edge ADAS and autonomous vehicle solutions such as lidar hardware, perception software, ASIC, and auto-annotation software.

Inheriting Talent in Sales and Marketing

We are happy that this purchase comprises highly skilled and seasoned technical teams, profitable hardware and software companies, and business development and sales specialists with a focus on the automotive industry and many markets.
Sales of MEMS-based scanning and flash lidar hardware, as well as auto-annotation and validation software, will be the primary business objectives of the united firm. 

Moreover, it will help the advanced continuing sensor fusion work for ADAS L3 in Hamburg, Germany, and Redmond, Washington.

Essentially, this acquisition combines the best-in-class MAVIN hardware and Ibeo perception software to be integrated into perception ASIC, accelerating the path to a true "one box solution" that is cost-effective, required by automotive OEMs for a roofline integrated product, and is currently ready for OEMs.

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