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RoboSense announces a strategic alliance with

A strategic partnership between RoboSense and Pony.Ai marks a new-journey into autonomous vehicle industry

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The cooperation will be based on the performance and mass manufacturing capabilities of RoboSense's LiDAR solutions, as well as's maturity and experience with autonomous driving technology and scene recognition data models.

Chunchao Qiu, co-founder and chief executive officer of RoboSense, commented on this comprehensive strategic alliance: “This will not only greatly enhance the advantages of RoboSense LiDAR in a wider range of traffic scenes, but also assist accelerate the development of autonomous driving technology across scenarios, platforms and domains, enabling technological evolution and industry transformation in the intelligent transportation and autonomous driving industries.”

The two firms will collaborate extensively across the whole business chain in the following three areas to foster innovation and development in the industry through creative technology migration and the implementation of large-scale commercial projects.

Autonomous Driving Mobility Services

The two companies will leverage RoboSense's second-generation smart solid-state LiDAR RS-LiDAR-M1 platform to develop scenario-specific LiDAR products that will accelerate the automotive-grade large-scale production of's new generation L4 autonomous driving system

Smart Transportation

Combination of RoboSense's leading multi-sensor fusion technology and experience in the R&D and application of smart transportation solutions with Pony.a's self-developed cloud platform and large-scale, all-weather, normalized autonomous vehicle perceived road information.

This to enable smart cities' needs to be met and solutions to be upgraded in the perception space, as well as to continuously improve the level of intelligence in autonomous vehicles.

Intelligent Logistics

Since 2019, RoboSense has collaborated closely with In March 2021, launched PonyTron, an autonomous trucking business unit, which helps to the growth of the smart logistics ecosystem by constructing an autonomous truck fleet.

RoboSense LiDAR offers extremely precise perception data, which ensures a high level of perception redundancy and safety for autonomous trucks. The two companies collaborate to advance the commercialization and widespread use of autonomous trucks.

“LiDAR is a core piece of hardware in autonomous driving technology solutions, and hardware iterations and technology iterations complement and facilitate each other,” said Tiancheng Lou, co-founder and CTO of “Through this strategic partnership with RoboSense, we will further tap into the resources of the autonomous driving industry chain to create the best autonomous driving system solutions and intelligent
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