Bringing Color to Lidar Scans: SimActive and LiDARUSA Collaboration

SimActive's Correlator3D™ software now allows users of LiDARUSA's multi-sensor systems to effortlessly colorize lidar point clouds, enhancing the understandability of the data.

James Davis

Lidar, or Light Detection and Ranging, imagery provides detailed and accurate models of ground elevation, offering vertical precision.

As technology has advanced, Lidar sensors have become smaller and lighter, enabling their use on drones and expanding the range of applications. 

With its flexibility and precision, Lidar imagery proves valuable for professionals seeking a deeper understanding of various surfaces. It allows users to unveil the terrain hidden beneath tree canopies or, with Bathymetric Lidar, explore riverbeds beneath the water's surface.

High-resolution Lidar maps find application in diverse fields such as archeology and disaster management.

Nevertheless, comprehending Lidar data can be challenging. Unlike traditional imagery, Lidar lacks color information, presenting users with elevation or intensity values to interpret.

SimActive Inc. introduces an exciting development as it integrates its lidar point cloud colorization capabilities with the multi-sensor systems created by LiDARUSA.

SimActive Software Used to Colorize Lidar

This collaboration enables users to harness the power of SimActive's Correlator3D™ software, which seamlessly combines imagery and lidar data, making lidar information more accessible and comprehensible.

The process begins by importing lidar point clouds into Correlator3D™, where the collected imagery is automatically aligned with the lidar data using it as a reference for registration. Subsequently, each lidar point is enriched with colors extracted from the corresponding images, enhancing the overall visual representation.

“While lidar is great, everyone understands imagery. Colorizing lidar makes the data much more understandable”,  “Correlator3D allows our clients to easily colorize lidar point clouds from their multi-camera system.”

-  said Jeff Fagerman, CEO at LiDARUSA

Correlator3D™ software, developed by SimActive, stands as a pioneering and patented end-to-end photogrammetry solution.

It empowers users to generate exceptional geospatial data from a wide range of sources, such as satellite imagery, aerial imagery, and drone-captured images. 

SimActive's software offers a comprehensive solution for producing high-quality and accurate geospatial information.