Highlights from the December 2023 Edge AI and Vision Alliance Forum

Explore the latest advancements in AI and visual intelligence showcased at the December 2023 Edge AI and Vision Alliance Forum, including edge AI subsystems, microprocessors, multi-camera solutions, anomaly detection, and more.

James Davis

The December 2023 Edge AI and Vision Alliance Forum provided a platform for innovators to showcase their latest advancements in AI and visual intelligence. Here are some key highlights from the forum:

  1. Lemur Imaging: Noman Hashim, CEO of Lemur Imaging, demonstrated the company's high-quality 4-bit line memory reduction (LMR) image compression technology, which surpasses 4-bit quantization in edge AI subsystems. This technology delivers superior image quality.
  2. STMicroelectronics: Louis Gobin, Product Marketing Engineer at STMicroelectronics, showcased the company's next-generation MP2 series STM32 microprocessors for Industry 4.0 and edge AI solutions. These microprocessors mark a significant advancement in the field.
  3. e-con Systems: Laxman Sankaran, Director of US Operations, and Vinoth Rajagopalan, Project Engineering Manager, demonstrated the company's ArniCAM20, a 360-degree bird-eye-view synchronized multi-camera solution. This solution offers enhanced vision capabilities.
  4. STMicroelectronics: Royce Higashi, Applications Engineer at STMicroelectronics, presented anomaly detection using the company's intelligent sensor processing unit (ISPU). The ISPU integrates a 6-axis IMU along with advanced functionalities.
  5. SHD Group: Dave Doyle, co-founder of the SHD Group, highlighted the company's go-to-market strategies, marketing, market analysis, business development, and sales pipeline building services. The SHD Group offers a range of skills and services to augment teams.
  6. Nextchip: Barry Fitzgerald, local representative for Nextchip, showcased a driver and broader occupant monitoring system (DMS/OMS) running on the company's Apache5 SoC. This system leverages algorithms from emotion3D to enhance safety and monitoring capabilities.
  7. University of Maryland at College Park: Shuvra Bhattacharyya, Professor at the University of Maryland at College Park, presented a tutorial on learning compact DNN models for embedded vision. This tutorial explored methods to transform large deep neural network models into compact and effective models.
  8. Independent Consultant: Mohammad Haghighat, an independent consultant, presented an introduction to computer vision with convolutional neural networks. The tutorial covered the basics of computer vision using convolutional neural networks.
  9. Yummly: Parshad Patel, Data Scientist at Yummly, presented a tutorial on selecting tools for developing, monitoring, and maintaining ML models. This tutorial addressed the diverse range of tools available to data science teams and highlighted the importance of choosing the right tools for the job.
  10. Wave Spectrum: Abdo Babukr, Accelerated Computing Consultant at Wave Spectrum, presented a tutorial on building accelerated GStreamer applications for video and audio AI. The tutorial focused on using the GStreamer framework for developing computer vision and audio applications.

These advancements and demonstrations at the December 2023 Edge AI and Vision Alliance Forum underline the rapid progress and impact of AI and visual intelligence technologies. These innovations have practical applications in various industries and offer significant potential for the future.