Lidar technology fosters digital diversity

With the purpose of fostering digital diversity, Outsight has formed a collaboration with Becomtech, a national organization for girls and women working in technology.

James Davis

There is a lack of female participation in the information technology and digital industries. This includes the emerging LiDAR Technology market.

Although though women made up 33% of workers in IT and digital fields in 2018, the majority of them (84%) are employed in "support positions" such as HR, marketing, and communication.

Just 16% of these women are employed in technical areas such as operations, manufacturing, development, and project management.

In addition, women make up 56% of students enrolled in general education but just 14% of students who specialize in "digital and computer science" and only 13% of students who concentrate in "engineering sciences".

Outsight, a leading provider of software solutions for Lidar-based spatial intelligence, has entered into a partnership agreement with Becomtech, a national organization for girls and women in technology that was founded in 2017.

This partnership is an effort by Outsight to promote diversity in the digital space.

About the partnership

Becomtech promotes gender equality and diversity in the IT and digital areas in order to improve the proportion of women working in technology. It accomplishes this through a variety of free, open-access programs that employ active learning techniques and offer ongoing assistance.

As a partner, Outsight will assist Becomtech's activities, including the "JUMP IN TECH" and the "AMBASSADORS BECOMTECH" programs, as well as other group projects to empower women.

On the one hand, the "JUMP IN TECH" initiative seeks to assist girls between the ages of 14 and 17 in learning about digital vocations, broadening their perspectives, and removing barriers to their career choices.

There are two annual components to this curriculum. More than 1,400 girls participate in more than 100 awareness-raising classes regarding gender diversity in IT and the digital industry in schools.

Almost 120 young females participated in nine in-person and online seminars in July to study computer programming and digital communication. After JUMP IN TECH, 75% of girls choose careers in digital.

On the other side, the "BECOMTECH AMBASSADORS" program gives the 435 JUMP IN TECH alumni, aged 15 to 25, the ability to act and develop their career ambitions by providing long-term support for their digital technology ideas and desires.

The curriculum is organized around three axes: community-based support, one-on-one coaching, and group workshops.

More than 13,000 individuals have heard about the difficulties in achieving gender equality in the digital industry thanks to the BECOMTECH Ambassadors.

Lastly, Outsight has pledged to donate a portion of its recruiting incentives to Becomtech, share its collaboration experience with other software businesses, and encourage them to give diversity concerns priority.

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